Turtle Wax & Brandbassador Program: Partner Terms & Conditions

First, Turtle Wax requires disclosure of the existence of your compensated relationship with Turtle Wax in any public statements that refer to Turtle Wax and/or its products or services. You must disclose your relationship with Turtle Wax when posting content related to missions by including the below mandatory keywords to ALL social platforms where content is published (including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube):
a) #ad
b) #detailercollective
c) #turtlewaxpartner
d) If you are unsure if your disclosure of our compensated relationship is enough, please contact us through the Brandbassador platform.

Second, Turtle Wax requires all endorsements to reflect your honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences with Turtle Wax and/or its products or services.

Third, Turtle Wax requires all posts to convey only truthful, non-misleading, complete, and accurate claims about Turtle Wax and/or its products or services. Turtle Wax’s product labels, websites, and other advertisements identify performance claims that Turtle Wax considers to be truthful and non-misleading. You may not make performance claims that exceed the scope of Turtle Wax’s performance claims.

Fourth, Turtle Wax expects that your posts will not be defamatory, lewd, obscene, sexually explicit, pornographic, disparaging, libelous, non-family-friendly or otherwise inappropriate or objectionable. The featuring of children in any and all posts is also prohibited.

Fifth, Turtle Wax requires that content does not feature other individuals beyond the owner of the profile the content is published on.

Sixth, Content (both visual assets and copy) must be authentic and original to the creator.
a) Repurposed or reshared content that is not your own or otherwise unoriginal will be rejected from the given mission.

Seventh, your Turtle Wax sponsored posts cannot include, reference, or otherwise mention competitor car care brands or products.

Eighth, Turtle Wax requires Brandbassador content must be shared to the personal social media profile(s) connected to the publisher’s Brandbassador account. This profile must also be public to submit and complete missions.

Ninth, Turtle Wax requires that sales-related missions can only be completed with a genuine sale.

Tenth, if any review reveals noncompliance with the standards set out above, Turtle Wax may take appropriate action in its sole discretion, up to and including termination of the relationship, along with other actions as permitted on the Brandbassador platform and with you directly.


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